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We are officially closed. Thank you everybody, its been a great experience.


The Blazing Sun IMB will be closing down October 31st. All gear now on sale 50% off. Supplies are limited.



Check out htis video for IMB founder Sifu Richard Bustillo. This is a great video and shows you where the IMB comes from and where its going.

Richard Bustillo JKD Seminar at Dragons Den MMA

Congratulations to Mike Ames for his Second place finish in Naga blackbelt division. Second place in Advanced and third in the open division

Congratulations to Mike Ames for his First place finishes in both no gi Advanced and Brown belt gi divisions at the July 30th Naga tournament.

Congratulations to  Mark Gentile, Steve Herdegen, Izzy Thiphavong, Jeremy Gauthier, and Mike Ames for representing the        Blazing Sun IMB and their wins at the Naga tournament on June 4th 2011.


Congratulations to all of the wrestlers to participated in NAGA on 1/29/2011.

 Nice job guys,

Congratulations to Rob Stewart and Mike Ames on their victories at NAGA on 10/16/2010

Congratulations to Mike Ames for his first place win in his division and 3rd place medal in the open division at the UFC Grapplers Quest.

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Blazing Sun IMB champion John ChampaIn the past few years there has been a surge in interest in what is populary termed Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA. Here at Blazing Sun IMB, we have been teaching this style of martial arts for over 19 years. Bruce Lee actually started the whole MMA revolution over 40 years ago. MMA has it's roots in styles like Jeet Kune Do, grappling, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. In addition we have since expanded our class content to specifically address those concepts that are evolving around MMA .

Please Email, call (978) 735 - 4018 , or stop by to talk to us about all the new plans we have in place to make sure we are providing the best training in the greater Lowell area.